Aura Medspa

Jenny Peguero

Master Injector

Hi, My name is Jenny Peguero, RN-BSN, and I am a Master Injector at Aura Medical Spa. I have been in the medical field for 15 years, 8 of which have been in nursing. My most recent years include aesthetics and Perioperative Nursing (specializing in general surgery and plastics)

My specialties as a Master Injector include:


My favorite procedure is the Russian Lip Technique. I have completed over 150 hours of one on one training with Julia learning this technique to perfection. The Russian Lip Technique was my first exposure to the world of Aesthetics, and while I’ve since been exposed to, and perfected many other techniques, The Russian Lip Technique will always hold a special place for me.

I LOVE! when my clients can relate to me. When they really truly like me and feel comfortable- it makes the experience that much better. I love connecting with my clients. When they can sit in my chair, sing along to the overhead music with me, and love the experience. That makes me feel like we’re bonding on a deeper level. There are few things as rewarding as a client putting their faith in your hands, to give them the look and confidence they’ve been dreaming of.

I LOVE meeting new people and networking. I Absolutely love music, and am a super enthusiastic, happy person. My heart is definitely on my sleeve- we’re gonna have happy tears when you see your dream look in that mirror!

Above all, I LOVE spending time with my family. My two daughters- Jailyn and Jeniyah- who are my world.