Aura Medspa

Liz Knight

Master Injector

Hi, my name is Liz Knight, and I am a Master Injector and the Head Registered Nurse at Aura Medspa. I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from George Mason University and currently live in Tysons, VA. I have been a nurse and in the medical field for over 10 years. My passion for aesthetics allows me to help people feel more confident about themselves by boosting their self-image. The joy and sense of professional accomplishment that comes with a client who expresses excitement after seeing the subtle changes after an aesthetic procedure is what makes my career so rewardable. As a master injector, my main specialties include Botox, BBL injections (non-surgical), PDO Threadlifts, Kybella, Customized IV Therapy, PRF/PRP, Microneedling with PRP and facial balancing using dermal fillers with niche emphasis on advanced techniques including Russian Lips, Chins, Jawlines, Cheeks & Cheekbone contouring, Nasolabial (“smile line”) folds, Undereys and Non-Surgical Nose Jobs. Outside of work, I my hobbies include hanging out with my family & friends, studying art, traveling and working out. I also enjoy attending education seminars and learning about the newest, most cutting-edge treatment options and products in the industry.


I absolutely love what I do, especially in terms of being able to help my clients look and feel their best by accentuating their beauty. In simple terms, aesthetics makes people happy. On an emotional level it elicits feelings of beauty and vitality which in turn gives us epistemic emotions of contentment and self-worth. As an injector, my ability to execute precise work and pay attention to detail is extremely satisfying for me. I love it when things are done perfectly from start to finish including clean lines, accurate measurements, and the perfect product choice to produce the results they envisioned. I love getting to know my clients one-on-one to understand their lifestyle and desires so that I can create individual customized treatments; whether it’s a little preventative Botox or a full-face transformation! I love knowing that I was able to help someone feel their very best version of themselves because when we feel good about ourselves, we project that version of ourselves into our everyday lives and onto others.


  • Botox
  • Russian Lips
  • BBL (non-surgical)
  • PDO Threadlifts
  • Chin enhancements
  • Jawline contouring

  • Books

  • Above All Things by Tanis Rideout
  • A Million Little Pieces by James Frey
  • Make Your Bed, by William H. McRaven