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Botox Gummy Smile in Vienna, VA

A quick and easy treatment designed to treat hyper exposure of the gums

Starting AT $200

This is a quick and easy treatment designed to treat hyper exposure of the gums, particularly when smiling.

What to expect

  • A highly trained master injector will first work with you to understand exactly the look you are trying to achieve, and formulate the ideal treatment plan for you.
  • Neurotoxin is then injected in the muscles that pull your lips up when smiling. As a result, correcting the over exposure of the gums when smiling.
  • This procedure typically takes up to 30 minutes to complete.
  • There may be minimal redness or swelling, however this passes quickly.
  • Typically you can return to your daily routine following this procedure with no interruption.


Typically lasts 3-6 months.

Pairs well with

Smile Lines Neurotoxin Procedure, Cheek Fillers, and Russian Lip Technique.

Introducing Julia and Team: Masters of Aesthetic Perfection

Julia, with her exceptional expertise in aesthetic procedures, has crafted Aura Medspa as a sanctuary for those seeking beauty transformations. Alongside a team of skilled injectors meticulously trained for hundreds of hours, Aura Medspa offers unparalleled quality and precision in every treatment.

When it comes to our Botox Gummy Smile procedure, expect nothing short of perfection. Choose Aura Medspa today and discover the difference our expertise can make in your smile.

A Closer Look at Botox for Gummy Smiles: Safety and Precision

Our approach to treating gummy smiles is grounded in scientific precision and aesthetic mastery. Using Botox with absolute accuracy ensures that your smile is neither too high nor too low. With an optimal dosage of 2-3 units, your transition from a gummy to a graceful smile is seamless and refined.

Comfort, Affordability, and Confidence

Stepping into Aura Medspa, you can expect a transformative experience that is gentle on both your comfort and your wallet. The Botox treatment for gummy smiles at our facility ensures natural results that gradually manifest, reaching their aesthetic zenith within two weeks. Here’s a smile-enhancing solution that truly epitomizes value and elegance.

Personalized Treatment Solutions

Understanding the uniqueness of every smile, we offer individualized treatment plans. Whether it’s a case of a short upper lip or enlarged gum tissue, our skilled team crafts solutions tailored to your specific needs. From standalone Botox procedures to complementing surgical interventions, we are equipped to sculpt the perfect smile.

Side Effects: Transparency and Guidance

The possibility of minor swelling or tenderness following the procedure is normal and temporary. Adhering to the provided aftercare instructions ensures a smooth recovery, allowing you to enjoy your rejuvenated smile without hesitation.

Conclusion: Your Path to a Confident Smile

Aura Medspa stands as a beacon of excellence in aesthetic care, offering specialized solutions such as the Botox Gummy Smile treatment. With a team that thrives on precision, safety, and personalized care, the path to a radiant, confident smile is right here in Vienna, VA. Don’t let a gummy smile hold you back; contact us today, and embrace the smile that you deserve.

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