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Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy

Get the astounding benefits of the Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy

PRICE PER SESSION $150 | 20 hOURS FOR $2,000 | 40 hOURS FOR $3,500 | 80 hOURS FOR $7,000

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy (HBOT) consists of entering into a pressurized tank, with an oxygen mask and breathing in 98-99% pure oxygen. The combination of a pressurized environment and breathing in high levels of oxygen produces astounding results such as:

  • Improving blood oxygen levels.
  • Expediting the healing process, for both external and internal injuries.
  • Increase in cardiovascular health and stamina.
  • The only clinically proven treatment to help significantly reverse brain damage.
  • Drastically reduce inflammation.
  • Increase stem cell proliferation 8x.
  • Regeneration of new tissues and cells significantly treating muscle fatigued.

Our blood is oxygenated in the lungs. As we breath in oxygen is transferred from the air we breathed in into the blood. Breathing in oxygen rich air firstly ensures that more oxygen is delivered to the lungs. Doing so in a pressurized environment helps to more efficiently push those oxygen molecules into the blood cells, thus producing a much more effective transfer of oxygen to the blood and yielding drastically improved blood oxygenation.

The body is constantly healing itself, and oxygen rich blood is the primary ingredient required for all manners of healing. From the inside out.

Another beneficial effect of Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy is radically improved stem cell production. Following periods of hypoxia (not enough oxygen) the body responds by over producing stem cells, in an attempt to heal itself. Studies show that the body reacts the exact same way following HBOT treatments. The mechanism that triggers stem cell production following hypoxia can not tell the difference between a dangerous drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) and a trivial drop in oxygen levels (going from an oxygen rich environment to the typical oxygen levels we have in our environment). As such it reacts similarly by increasing stem cell proliferation.

When used in conjunction with Physiq HBOT can help to expedite how quickly you start to see results from a Physiq treatment.

What to expect

  • Following a consultation with our highly trained and expert staff a treatment plan will be formulated to suit your needs. You will then be provided with a fingertip blood oximeter to measure the changes in your blood oxygen levels while undergoing treatment, as well as a walkie talkie to clearly communicate with our staff.
  • After entering the chamber and putting on an oxygen mask (optional), the chamber will then be pressurized, and you will be free to relax for the duration of your treatment. You are free to nap, work on your laptop, or watch a movie on a provided iPad.
  • You may experience slight discomfort in the ears (similar to ear popping during flights) however that can be remedied by releasing some pressure and allowing your ears to adjust.
  • After your ears have adjusted and you have reached full pressurization you should experience no additional discomfort.
  • Treatments typically range from 1-2 hours, and at the end of your treatment the chamber will slowly be depressurized concluding your session.


Results are highly impacted by the number of sessions, and their frequency. However you can expect to feel results within 12 hours after a single session, and expect those results to last several days after just one session.

Pairs well with

IV Therapy and Physiq.

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