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Leg Veins/Spider Veins

Treatment plans will range in number and intensity based on the severity and size of the treated area.

PRICE $450

Spider veins are characterized by their thing spiderweb-like appearance, and are a specific type of vascular lesion.

There is typically no medical impact associated with the presence of spider veins and there is no impact to their removal other than purely aesthetic. These spider veins typically appear on the legs, however they can sometimes be found elsewhere on the body as well.

Fortunately they can be targeted and removed through the use of lasers. Treatment plans formulated to address spider veins will range in the number, and intensity, of treatments based on the severity and size of the area being treated.


Once a treatment plan has concluded you can typically expect results to be semi-permanent. However, how long results last for this treatment can vary from person to person, and can be impacted by several factors. As such it is best to consult your highly trained professional at Aura Medspa.

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