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An excellent alternative to traditional manicures

Russian Manicure Starts At $50

The Russian manicure is an excellent alternative to traditional manicures, which use an aggressive approach and attempt to polish the cuticle, in the process damaging it. The purpose of the cuticle is to protect the nail from bacteria entering under the nail bed, and preventing infection. Furthermore, classic manicures damage the skin due to the use of harsh chemicals and parabens, such as Acetone.

Conversely, in our classical Russian manicure we take a herbal approach and utilize no harsh chemicals or parabens.

Our lash/nail technician trained extensively in Moscow, mastering and understanding the technique as it was designed! The only fluid used in our Russian manicure is water. This is an ideal alternative for individuals susceptible to dry skin or eczema as Acetone strips the moisture from your skin, leaving you with dry, barren skin.

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