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Tumescent Liposuction

Get rid of that stubborn double chin for good


Tumescent Lipo Reduction, sometimes referred to as local liposuction, utilizes an infusion of epinefrine, saline, and local anesthesia prior to fat removal to circumvent many of the risks and side effects of traditional liposuction.

We use this technique to specifically target the stubborn fatty deposits under the chin, commonly referred to as a “double-chin”

This area typically does not respond to, or is last to respond to diet and exercise, and leads to a rounder facial profile.

Through the use of this technique we can provide that highly sought after snatched jawline, same day, with little down time.

While the recovery process does take longer than less invasive procedures (2-3 weeks) the results are exceptional, immediate, and longer lasting

What to expect

This procedure is always completed using two providers.
A solution containing a local anesthetic is injected into the site. After the site is fully numbed, a cannula is inserted and used to remove the fat in the area, and is used in conjunction with a pressurized syringe.
Moderate to severe swelling and bruising can be expected immediately following the procedure, and typically lasts for around 1 week.
You will need to constantly wear a compression bandage around your face and neck for 2 weeks. After which you are encouraged to wear it for another week, with the option to remove the bandage at night. This portion of aftercare is absolutely crucial to obtaining desired results.


Results are immediate and permanent.

Pairs well with

Jawline Fillers, Chin Fillers, Cheek Fillers, and Russian Lip Technique

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